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Delivering Smiles

It all began when we first started making chocolates for fun.  We wanted to share our creations with the widows and senior couples in our neighborhood, in an effort to brighten their day.  For our first Christmas, we gave these good folks a 4-count box of the finest chocolates they've ever had.  Each box of chocolates we gave was received with a beaming smile.  The experience was so rewarding, that we continued it with all the major holidays since, and it has inspired us to continue on with that tradition with Aroma Chocolates.

The "Buy 1, Give 1" Program

For every box of chocolates you purchase, we will give a 4-count box of gourmet chocolates to a senior citizen in a care center, retirement home, or senior living center.  They'll get the same high-quality chocolates you will get, but with an included message of thoughtfulness and love. 

Now, more than ever, our seniors need a little something to let them know someone cares.

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